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  • A Spool of Blue Thread

    Entertaining but respectful family drama, told with a cordial and sympathetic voice;  covers two generations of one family, moving back and forth through time in a way that is methodical and focused;  features loving patience and credible family friction, never falling into melodrama or grit, and focusing on a wayward son’s bid for stability and trustworthiness.

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  • Goodbye Stranger

    Full of wisdom, good character development, real friendship, family relationships, interest in learning and becoming a better person, dealing with difficulties, beginning again after making mistakes, apologising… the kind of book it does young teens a lot of good to read and talk about. A few themes require further discussion, and perhaps consideration of whether a particular young reader needs to think about these issues just yet.

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  • The Waters of Eternal Youth #25 (Commissario Brunetti)

    Crime novel in Venice with middle-aged investigator, brilliantly readable and uniquely cozy;  showcases layers of society, with honest subtlety and moderate cultural detail;  stable and unhurried, with progressive conservative soul, and a dozen established characters.

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